Employee Productivity

An employee`s capacity of work performs in specified period of time. It can be defined as work rate or production of specific thing in given time. A well productive employee is recognized by his hard work, efficiency, commitment and outputs (in personalized time) that indicate his position and value in an organization.

How do you track employee performance in Excel?

 Employee Productivity Excel Template is tremendously versatile appliance for a company. It can help administrators to detailed look at overall productivity, employee activities during working hours, protection of data breaches, comparison the productivity levels among employees and also helps you at the time of Performance appraisal of the employees. This productivity monitoring template used to balance the workload, measure the employee performance, makes them honest about their reports from which you can estimate the shortage of employees, capitals and time.

You can track the employee productivity by analyzing productivity activities,

  • behavior patterns,
  • work flow,
  • using project management systems,
  • monitoring the staff emails exertion,
  • strengthen their self-assessments
  • reports
  • perfect your task assigning system.

It is damn true that business world is trying hard to get more outputs in short time, Employee Productivity Excel Template effectuate this wish and show the management of members who are outstanding in productivity or underperforming. But thing is that you must should search for an exact tracking program that discard your burdens of work and responsibilities.

These all affairs are manually huge time-consuming different tracking program available to track the employees’ productivity;

  1. Verioto Cerebral
  2. ActivTrak
  3. Controlio
  4. Email Analytics
  5. Timely
  6. EverHour
  7. Tracking Time
  8. iDoneThis
  9. Metric

The best way to Track Employee Performance

It Is very important for Human Resource Departments to track the performance across an organization`s workforce through proper Human Resource Plan Template to check HR add a beneficial insertion for company`s future is whether affecting on you business or not. Employee Productivity Excel Template is one of the best tools right now that helps you in this field.

You can track the employee performance through sequenced steps are as following:

  • Prescribe the services of orientation
  • Organize the valid and logical objectives
  • Use the analysis gadget
  • Engage your group in a program
  • Link employee execution to gross objectives

Employee Performance Tracker Excel

Statistics that represent employee productivity should be associated with its type, Employee productivity has three types

  • Unit Productivity
  • Dollar Productivity
  • Hourly Productivity

Each productivity kind has its own values and measuring tools.  To stage the employee productivity in MS Excel

  • Import data in Ms Excel
  • Structure your Workbook
  • Change the basic settings
  • Convert Data to Excel Tables
  • Apply multiple tools to gain output
  • Analyze the Data
  • Customize sheet with different colors, macros and lines to distinguish metrics and points.

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Advantages of Employee Productivity Tracker

Employee productivity tracker is very useful and convenient software which has multiple benefits. Some pros or advantages of this tracking program are as under:

  • Time Saving
  • Protecting against data breaches
  • Enforce existing policies more effectively
  • Keep track of employees who work from home
  • Hawthorne Effect
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Help to improve organization structure
  • Eliminate distractive activities
  • Boost morale
  • Help in investing new tools
  • Improve workplace conditions

Disadvantages of Productivity Tracker

There are two sides of everything where brighten side inspire us but we cannot neglect the dark aspect of the same thing. Some demerits or cons are as following:

  • Privacy concerns
  • Could affect morale
  • Legal issues
  • Ethical agitation
  • Create stressful environment
  • Decrease creativity
  • Eradicate insight
  • Data laceration
  • Discrimination
  • Increase turnover

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Employee Productivity Excel Template Resources

Each company wants to effectively track and improve employee performance in completion over the course of a project; it is responsibility of HR department to take some steps;

Design Goals Settings

 An organization`s Human Resource Managers have to make understand their employee`s high-level job description, full awareness of what expected of them within each specific project in given timeline.

If they don`t, productivity and performance will be impacted. To avoid the both complications let them avail the SMART goals setting method and keep record of their goals, so that they can acknowledge exactly what they are supposing by HR department and identically where they are standing.

Include Short-Term and Long-Term Goals in Course of Action

 By analyzing the completion of short-term goals, a company can estimate that how long it will take to complete long-term goals, how much employees participate with which behavior patterns and how will be performance of them.

To measure the both goals there are range of software that let you easily track the goals with no wastage of time.

Move toward the Back

 some time it’s good to adopt the divergent method to track employee performance, stop, back-pedal and take start form start, you may get key-indicator that currently underperforming employees were so responsible and energetic for initiating the clients. It can be feedback of backward scenario from which you can conclude and catch the main reason employee loafing, slow moving and lack of interest in work.

Inspect Periodically

 It is necessary to keep an eye on employee tracking, training and instructing process and ask frequently questions about programs and current project, whether they needed further resources or facing any problem.

By asking them queries you will get cut and clear view of detailed working issues of specific project. This process can be held in a week or at least in a month.

Keep Tabs on Kernel

 if you want high-level business performance then try to control each minor detail on daily basis, it is very useful idea to debug the bugs on time, if project end up with plenty of errors and mistakes it will difficult to modify and correct the huge bulk of work. Always compare work staff productivity to overall profit of organization to catch the inaccuracy of matters.

Demonstrate Employees

 Do not pay much attention tracking your employees performance, let them appraise performance of HR managers, express their perspectives about roles, work environment, resourcing, training, comparisons, grouping and evaluations of themselves.


How do you monitor employees working from home?

The hike of distant or far away work is advanced, quite interesting and joyful phenomenon which has stimulated the energetically adoption of employee tracking tools like employee productivity excel template by companies who want to uplift productivity and spy on employees who are working from outside of offices.

But each organization have to remember that tracking tool like  should be used to monitor and support the workers not to bound them it can influenced their performance and productivity.

Remote Employee Monitoring and Time Tracking

Organizations are eager to make sure that employees are as responsible and committed as they are in companies’ office, they are not misusing the property of company and not wasting time of themselves and firm they belong.

Some companies installed sophisticated tracking software without the knowledge of employees it may create some serious issues and end up by hand over to localities or national law.

If you track the isolated work staff then you need regular screen shots of their screens at variable intervals, frequently audio and video recording and keep check on history logs, to do these sensitive tracking there are different trackers are using by companies some are:

  • Time doctor
  • Clever control
  • Hubstaff
  • Teramind
  • Staff cop

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