What is Project HR plan?

Planning is the functional area of HR, if company does not want change in environment, then there is no need of planning. It basically examines the required skilled employees so they can hire in organization. New workforce is managed and developed according to the standard and need of company.

It helps with fluctuating in staffing and provides other useful information. In this continuous process, new technologies are introduced, changing skill levels and demographics in workforce that can globalize your business. Human Resource Plan Template is used to manage all these function in an organization.


What are the components of an HR plan?

Requirement  Different number and type of employees are needed by skill level and location to fulfill the future need of HR.

Availability  HR manager looks internal sources (present employees) and external sources (employees available in market).

Best Templates for Managing HR

Managing Human Resources is directly related with management functions and this management is best applicable through good designed Human Resource Plan Template like employee onboarding template, training, performance and recruitment tracking.

An effective and efficient manager participates in management process by planning, organizing, leading or controlling the organizational resources. These resources can be human, physical, informational or financial.

What is the main function of HR Planning?

Following are some main steps of HR management.

Step 1

It is overall review of the goals to be achieved ad finalize the serious actions to get these goals. These patterns of action determine the future of organization and consumption of resources. This all scenario is considered as the organizational strategy.

Step 2

Arranging all the resources that are using to shape the desire results. Employees are specified with their duties, location and conditions to achieve the maximum resources. This scheme is takes as organizational erection.

Step 3

This process is totally pay attention to energizing the employees. They are directed, motivated, guided, and inspired whether they are working individually or in groups. Stimulating people is take place in teams, departments, divisions or the top of the entire organization.

Step 4

The mentioned three functions are monitored in this process. If manager find the things are not working out as planned, he examine the whole performance and regulation of workforce, its impacts and resources. Then functions are controlled, necessary changes are implemented and make adjustments where needed.

What is the main function of HR Planning

What are the types of human Resource Planning Templates?

Following are some useful types of Human Resource Plan Template.

  • Employee Performance

An employee put his all efforts to accomplish the task given by the company during working hours. His performance indicates how efficient, responsible, motivated, incapacitate, committed he is.

An employee can give his best if he is having professional will and getting full opportunity to perform. A good performance reflects to enhance the quality of work life, increase productivity, job satisfaction and bring positive attitude toward duties.

A poor performance may dissatisfy the consumers, impact upon business and down the company value.

Employee Performance Template


  • Employee Workload Management

Work load management or staff roster management is critically important for each employee in organization. Work is equally assigned to employees and provide them enough time to complete it, they will feel no burden and deliver their work on time.

Heavy work load on employees may lead to some serious problems like decreased creativity, lost work time, increase turn over and more sabotage.

  • Employee Training

Employee Training Schedule Template is very important in any organization to keep track on trainings and skill management. When an employee is hired in company, he is trained according to the need of organization, task and person. Training is orderly evaluated to facilitate the change and adjustment in internal and external environment of organization. When employee goes through the training he learned the vast related material.

  • Comparison
  • Enhance knowledge and skills
  • Change in attitude
  • Employee grievances
  • Observation
  • Self assessment
  • Customers satisfaction surveys

Employee Training Template

  • Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking system is a computer program also called recruitment software that makes your search functionality easier and quick. You can efficiently recruit and hire new employees by using this software. ATS is very beneficial like:

  • Expertise the candidates
  • Globalize your recruiting activities
  • Diverse workforce
  • Speed up the whole process and save time
  • Wide scope

Applicant Tracking System

  • HR Strategy Template

HR strategy plan is one of the most important Human Resource Plan Template, this template assess the business need, staff requirement to run the operations and also manage staff recruitment process and policies and employee satisfaction level in the organization.

  • HR Roadmap Template

HR roadman template is help to stay on track with organization’s goal. HR roadmap is a timeline-based template that helps the management in current situation and also tells what’s coming up next.  

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