Product cost analysis is to track and analyze cost during production and sale of the product that include direct cost and indirect cost, direct cost is related to product material, labor and indirect cost is related to factory overheads.

Different Examples of the Product cost analysis Templates

Following are some examples of cost analysis templates.

Cost Benefit Analysis Template

Cost benefit analysis template is used to measure benefit or action or decision minus the cost associated with these decision or action. This analysis used to decrease cost of the product by taking timely decision.

Project Cost Analysis Template

This template is used to analyze the cost of the project in comparison with benefit of the project. It includes the list of all expenses related to the project and derive the benefits from it once the project is completed

Cost Comparison Analysis Template

Cost comparison analysis template estimated the cost of the competitor, or government project cost and compare it with the cost of our project.

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Manage Product Cost Life-cycle through Product Cost Analysis Template Excel

The life-cycle of the product starts with the planning and manufacturing of the product and goes on till the product reaches the market for sale. The team undergoes several small steps in the product life cycle. The quality or final outcome of the process is well defined by the progress of the team through each step. The product life cycle has these major steps given below;

Stage 1: It is the introductory phase of the life cycle in which scope and objectives are brought under consideration. Marketing strategy and the approach is decided in this phase. Also, the target audience is defined for clarity.

Stage 2: The project grows just like a baby, in the second phase maximum growth is expected. In this phase production and marketing plans are executed. The manufacturer by now is clear about the product quality and approach. Hence amendments are done to improve the quality and develop a cost effective product.

Stage 3: The product is by far manufactured and now is the time to see how well it will do in the market. Not all the products perform the same way as the team has expected. But now after getting the initial response marketing strategy can be changed to make the reach of the product faster.

Stage 4: Now is the time to decide the future of the product. You can conclude from the outcomes. If the product is profitable its second batch will be launched if not the product is discontinued.

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Tracking Spreadsheet in Product Cost Analysis Template Excel

It is important to manage the budget of the project to make it profitable. By using a product cost tracking template you can easily manage and record the cost of the materials, bills and the wages of the workers. The cost is carefully recorded in the excel spreadsheet so that no confusion occurs by the end of the project.

There are different ways and templates available to do the job efficiently. Some project managers’ track cost on task basis while others categorize the expenses in direct, indirect and administrative cost. But amendments can be made depending upon your interest and ease.


Revenue and Expense Analysis Template.

Product Cost Analysis Template Excel The initial step to manage accounts of the company is to keep the balance between income and the expense. All profitable businesses have their expenses somewhat below the income. This rule keeps the cycle smooth. Templates are available which can help you to keep the record;

  • Income and Expense Worksheet

In the first column the account status is added along with the date. Description is added to get a quicker insight and update about the account. Category, income and expense are also entered. And most importantly over balance is calculated.

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