How to Track Order & Delivery through Excel Template?

Order tracking is important as it gives the information about the current location and the status of the order. Awaiting customers on the other hand are looking for the delivery. So, management of tracking systems is quite significant.

It also helps to gain customers satisfaction. To do the job without putting in extra effort and time you can easily use excel templates for order tracking and delivery.

Each order is assigned a specific order number which makes the tracking process easier. The date of dispatch is recorded to keep an eye on the status of the delivery. Order information is also added in the spreadsheet like, item number and name.

Location of the warehouse or outlet from the order is dispatched is also added. It gives the information about the estimated delivery time. The template may vary according to the company and product demands.


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Categories of Shipment Tracking

Shipment Tracking Excel Template is further divided into categories to make the process easy to record and analyze. Problems are reviewed and an alternate plan of action is made to keep up with the customer’s satisfaction.

Having higher rates of customer’s satisfaction is the success of any business or a company.

  • Order Tracking Template:

Order tracking systems are organized in such a way that it will reduce the burden on the shoulders of the operations team. By carefully analyzing the needs of the company, excel spreadsheets are developed carrying all necessary information to track the on route order.

Insure its safe delivery to the client.  It evidently helps you to maintain a balance between the orders and the customers’ demands. This directly works in the favor of the company. It enhances the effectiveness of your order taking and tracking procedure which will improve the credibility of the operations team.

Almost all small and large scales businesses have shifted to these excel templates as they keep your energy safe from all the extended paper work. And in the computerized method if you are looking for a specific order number you can easily track it by doing ctrl + F and entering the order number.

  • Delivery Tracking Template

By using Shipment Tracking Excel Template you can conveniently keep the record of your deliveries. This process starts after the order is dispatched.

It has its own properties. Each order is already assigned with the order number with that tracking number is allotted and this number can be entered into the delivery tracking spreadsheet to check the status of the dispatched order.

Order Tracking

  • Inventory and Warehouse Tracking

Track and update Inventory position in real time is not an easy task to manage, there can be many warehouses and you need to update all warehouses in real time to make inventory management process efficient.

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Shipment tracking excel template can helps you to track inventory in real time. you can track purchases when it reached in the warehouse and also track sales when the order is delivered.


What is track and trace Shipment Tracking Excel Template?

Each company sets its shipment tracking and tracing system according to their capability. But the companies having extremely efficient tracking and tracing system have higher percentages of customer satisfaction.

The tracking system may have different steps but the normally adopted tracking system involves 5 to 6 steps. It starts as soon as the order is confirmed.

Then order processing time is calculated. Quality check is a crucial step but it greatly affects the repute of the business.

After quality check order is dispatched and now on the go until it gets delivered. The tracking system helps both the buyer and seller to check the status of the order.

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How to Create a Shipment Tracking Excel Template?

Following are some important steps to follow when making shipment tracking template:

  • First of all create a spreadsheet and on the top most row and the title or essentials that you want to be in your tracking template.
  • Enter the data according to your personalized titles. Add the departments from which you are looking for the information about the shipment.
  • Do the formatting according to the importance of the titles. This will improve the outlook of the spreadsheet.
  • You can make a separate column to record mode of payment and the payable amount.
  • Location of dispatch and delivery is quite significant.
  • Also add the date of dispatch and delivery.
  • It will be a plus if the name of the operation’s manager who has dispatched the order is recorded.

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Sales Dashboard

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