A project management tool that adheres to the principles and best practices described in the Project Management Body of Knowledge is the Project Management Plan (PMP) template. (PMBOK). The Project Management Institute released the PMBOK, a project management standard that is widely accepted. (PMI).

What is PMBOK

PMBOK stands for Project Management Body of Knowledge.. It is a widely accepted standard project management handbook that was released by the Project Management Institute. (PMI). A framework of best practices, procedures, and terms for project management is provided by the PMBOK.

The PMBOK includes 10 knowledge areas that cover the various aspects of project management:

  1. Project Integration Management
  2. Project Scope Management
  3. Project Schedule Management
  4. Project Cost Management
  5. Project Quality Management
  6. Project Resource Management
  7. Project Communication Management
  8. Project Risk Management
  9. Project Procurement Management
  10. Project Stakeholder Management

Project management methods, inputs, tools, and techniques are included in each knowledge area. The Project Management Framework Guide, which gives an overview of the project management method and how it relates to the knowledge areas, is also included in the PMBOK.

In the field of project management, all professionals are making more and more tips for their different projects. These are tips for different projects in every business. With the help of this PMBOK managers are enhancing their business in this successful era.

If you will talk about PMBOK template of project managements in PMBOK these are useful and giving more advantages. In this article, you can access to download project management plan template PMBOK standards.

The targets of these templates are to make schedules, stay time in projects, and assign the task and goals in project management. Different templates are serving in different projects.

PMBOK Template

What is Project Management Plan Template PMBOK Excel

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), released by the Project Management Institute, contains guidelines and best practices that are followed by the PMBOK template, which is a project management plan template. (PMI). A thorough plan for every element of a project, including its scope, timetable, budget, resources, risks, and quality management, is included in the template.

The PMBOK template typically includes the following sections:

  1. Project Overview: This section provides an introduction to the project, including the project goals, objectives, and scope.
  2. Project Scope: This section outlines the project scope, including the deliverables, requirements, and constraints.
  3. Project Schedule: This section includes the project timeline, milestones, and deadlines.
  4. Project Budget: This section outlines the project budget, including the costs of resources, equipment, and materials.
  5. Project Resources: This section outlines the resources needed for the project, including personnel, equipment, and materials.
  6. Risk Management: This section outlines the risks associated with the project and how they will be managed.
  7. Quality Management: This section outlines the quality standards and processes that will be used to ensure the project deliverables meet the requirements.
  8. Communication Management: This section outlines the communication plan for the project, including how information will be shared and with whom.

This edition also considers it necessary in project management exams for all professionals; who are engaged with this profession. Yet this is a certified exam of professionals. Usually, students getting more benefits from this edition – Including all the best practices.

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Key Features of Project Management Plan Template PMBOK Excel

The first-ever PMBOK® Guide was published in 1996. Every book edition is different from the previous version, but as along unique standards and practices. Further, the fifth edition of PMBOK becoming more systematic. The most advance and updated edition of the PMBOK is the fifth edition.

  1. What is the purpose of the PMBOK Template?
  2. The template starts with the title and step by step category of the guide.
  3. What is the project – project name?
  4. What is the cost of the project?
  5. What are the detail descriptions of the project?

Above all questions is an important part of the template in every project. Businesses and their nature of work details will be written in this template. How much goods and other objective column is part of it. Besides, projects details, products designs, cost of the project, requirements in the project.

A very interesting, useful and helpful template related to all current edition of the PMBOK guide.

Categorized PMBOK Plan Methodology for Project Manager

More valuable and all organizations usually in project management enables departments. This is also helpful and managers are usually working with all type of system and in any organization. This is very easy and simple to use the same practices in a different company. The approach of these templates and PMBOK is valuable.

Is PMBOK methodology?

The frame of work in PMBOK isn’t methodology but a complete knowledge of project management. A standard processes with the best terminologies and guidelines which are part of project management and its standards of the industry.

Is PMP better than prince2?

With the knowledge base methodology in best practice – project management. PRINCE2 and PMP aren’t competitors. Project management is knowledge base and PRINCE2 is methodology.

How can I get PMBOK 6th Edition for free?

All PMI members are lucky as they can download the 6th edition completely free. First, they need to login on to the website with their login details. So get your latest version of PMBOK in Pdf. Completed save and protected details with Pdf. Whenever you want to log in – prompt you for a password.

What is the current PMBOK version?

The current version doesn’t change and its Sixth edition is continued by PMI throughout 2021. The use of PMBOK template remains the sixth edition either exams held before or after December 2020.

Is PMP still in demand?

Every organization and companies usually want to get more output in form of profit and try to minimize the cost of their projects. Beside the PMP has an excellent reputation among the companies and their employers. It’s all editions are the best with every fact in. With all targets, it is becoming more demanding and escalating day by day.

Which is the final stage in the waterfall method?

Some of the designs are good, but the waterfall model is the process of success. As well as it has been seen downwards along with phases of different ideas. Initiation and the analysis and production maintenance are also facts of the waterfall.

What is PMBOK template PDF?

Another format is in pdf, (project management body of knowledge). A famous and successful institute produced this important format. This is also contained in the unique framework of project management.

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Types of PMBOK

The Ultimate Type of Project Management Plan Template PMBOK Excel

Check out some basic, but important PMBOK standard project plan templates.

PMBOK – Project Initiation document template

Project initiation document template is the first step of any project, it defines and justifies the project it also tells the scope of the project and responsibilities of all stake holders.

PMBOK – Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Projects are usually very large and complex in methodology. the best way to manage these complex projects is to break it into manageable parts and by taking each part as a separate mini project, project managers can deal it in very efficient way, that’s why work breakdown structure is very important.

PMBOK – Project chartered template

Project chartered template is said to be the foundation of any project. This is the identification of any project and authority to begin to proceed.

PMBOK – Project Management Plan Template

This is the initial phase template of Project Management Plan Template PMBOK Excel  and describes as how the project will be executed, how will be project controlled and monitored. This template created on early stages of the project and it updates on project progress and also used to monitored the project

PMBOK – Business case template

Business case template gives the reason to take any step of initiate a task in the project. It gives managers to take a look on back ground and benefits of particular task.

PMBOK – Risk Management Plan Template

it is very important to in every project plan to identify all the risks before it occurs, we need to pre identify these risk and plan to minimize or completely mitigate it, and for all these process risk management plan template is so important

PMBOK – Lessened learned template

As its name says this template completed at the end of any project and with this template all stake holders will be able to review the project success and failures factors and learned their lesson for their future projects.


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