What actually RACI Matrix is?

The roles and responsibilities of team members engaged in a project or task are defined and made clear using the project management tool known as the RACI matrix. Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed is the acronym for RACI.

Each letter in the RACI acronym represents a different role:

  • Responsibility: The person who is responsible for completing the task or activity.
  • Accountability: The person who is accountable for the task or activity, and who will be answerable if it is no completed satisfactorily.
  • Consultancy: The person who must be consulted or involved in the task or activity.
  • Information: The person who must be informed or notified of the task or activity.
RACI Matrix Template Excel for Project Management

In a typical RACI matrix, the various project duties or activities are listed along the top row, and the various team members are listed along the first column. Each team member’s responsibility for each task is indicated by a letter at the intersection of the task and team member cells.

Team members can clarify their roles and responsibilities, prevent effort duplication, and guarantee that everyone is working toward the same objectives by using a RACI matrix. This tool may contribute to improved project accountability, collaboration, and efficiency.

RACI is usually used to assign the responsibilities and determine the specification and designation of processes within a special subject like open source project management tools it is very simple and neutral and merge all the scenario in one easily accessible picture.

What are the 4 components of RACI?

These four roles that team might pirate are as following:


This is the individual in charge of finishing the job or activity. They will be doing the job and making sure that it is finished on schedule and to the required standard.
Participants have obligation to carry out the work or objective with dedication to abrupt determination. Mutual responsibility is an integral part of working cluster.

  • Accountable or Authorize

The individual responsible for the task or activity is this. If the job is not successfully finished, they will be held accountable. A manager or supervisor who has overall control over the project or team is usually the responsible party.
Administrator who induce the decision making and responsible for the approval of tasks and related activities. To resolve the conflicts of ownership; there should be only one person

  • Consulted

This is the individual or team that needs to be consulted with or included in the task or action. They are the ones with the skills or knowledge required to complete the job successfully. They might offer suggestions or counsel, but they are not accountable for the result.
Stakeholders that are active participants; they are negotiated with subject matter of Standard Operating Procedures to complete the tasks before time limit.

  • Informed

This is the individual or group that needs to be told about the task or activity. They are the ones who are not immediately involved in the task or activity’s completion but may be affected by its results.
This is the class of people who want updates on grain ground without formally deliberation or precise contribution.

Together, these four components form the RACI matrix, which is a useful tool for clarifying roles and responsibilities in a project or team.

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RACI Matrix Template Excel For Project Management

To establish the association of stakeholders and achievement of project, it is cardinal for all project team (notably where the team size is large) to acknowledge their roles and responsibilities across multiple branches and departments of organization.

Centre of attention of RACI Matrix Template Excel for Project Management is to analyze and regulate the RACI Matrix to pick out the solutions of occurring problems in roles, rescript the role identification and also facilitate the stakeholders to feedback for helpful information and work together on Project Management Software like Kanban Project Management Software.

Many organizations are adopting the RACI Matrix to design the specific Project-life cycle for success. Basically, this Matrix is structured to assign the liabilities,  Risk Management activities and policy making in project management process and push the team members to participate in project to reach the level of expectations.

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Finding the right RACI Template

There are numerable charts, templates, smart sheets are available to manipulate the project processes. It is crucial to select the correct one from the available zone of convenient tools like Agile Project Management Tools.

How To Create RACI Matrix Template Excel

To create a RACI matrix in Excel, follow these steps:

  1. Open a new Excel sheet and create a table with the project tasks listed along the top row and the team members listed along the first column.
  2. Add four columns to the right of the team member column for the RACI components: Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed.
  3. Enter the appropriate RACI letters in each cell of the table, based on the roles and responsibilities of each team member for each task.
  4. You can add colors or conditional formatting to the cells to highlight the different roles, if desired.
  5. Once completed, save the Excel sheet as a template that can be used for future projects.

Advantages RACI Matrix Template Excel For Project Management

  • Save your time while constructing the overall chart.
  • You can adopt the unique style according to your project needs.
  • Color-coding can help you to easily find specific chunks of tasks, roles and responsibilities.
  • Assist to successful delivery resolving pitfalls.
  • Clear up role confusion and improve productivity.
  • Make sure nothing falls in service.
  • Help Accountable person to monitor the performance and progress in real-time dashboards.

RACI Guidelines

Considering RACI Matrix influential for project management by frequent organizations; there are some broad directions or best practices to keep in mind to manipulate the tasks of project management:

  1. Collective phases of inspection are kept away from team members, it will make them conscious and prevent their original outlook toward work and expanse tracking. Solely level of charge is enough to get oversight.
  2. Encourage teamwork through different supportive techniques.
  3. Nothing remains constant, if you want to maintain the vastness of RACI Matrix Template Excel For Project Management and make changes then let your team know and on the go with change things.
  4. Accountable person must be dedicated until task is completed and deliver; it is better to appoint single entity in accountable field.
  5. To save your time and energy then provoke the crowd of consultants but avoid the less than half, make an effort to get suitable quantity with quality.
  6. Every stakeholder should know what the actually work is going to done and what will be his or her contributions in it; because RACI is structured to assist all individuals at individual level.

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How do you create a RACI matrix in Excel?

RACI Matrix template is a guiding document that is fundamental for a successful project; in which team`s obligations and imperatives are categorized in four portions.

  • Classify the all involving tasks addressing project-life cycle and listed them in chart according to priority and deliverability.
  • Put all the stakeholders at the top of chart.
  • Assign roles and responsibilities to your team members who is responsible, consulted, informed or accountable for each task.
  • Make sure particular task has only one Accountable to avoid the difference of opinion.
  • At the minimum, Responsible seat is allotted to single member of team.
  • Do not feel hesitation, filled it out with care and share it with other stakeholders to evaluate the project with collective approval and cheering.
RACI matrix
RACI matrix

Rules for RACI Matrix Template Excel For Project Management

RACI Matrix is specially construct to point out the ground of activities and come up with managing and decision techniques to avoid the vagueness; there are some broad guidelines or best practices to keep in mind for efficient use of this Matrix.

  • Solitarian Responsible and Accountable Person is Obligatory

It is essential to select the only one competent person for Responsibility/Accountable roles.

Going through with more than one person for the same task create conflicts of decision making and raise the chances of imprecision and laciness of performance and productivity toward roles and responsibilities.

It may be affected on the working manners in nasty way of other stakeholders.

Even so, many organizations flourished the pyramid of Accountable person to manage and administer the duplicate task.

  • Responsible-Accountable is Essential

Although team members are informed and consulted about their roles; but it is not necessary at all to know “every bit” of activities of ongoing process of RACI Matrix Template Excel For Project Management.

As long as the concern of R/A person he should be aware of all activities whether these are executing manually or automatically; he must be accountable to catch sight of work getting done.

  • Contact with Consultant

Collaboration about tasks is itself a task that undergo with its own R/A persons. It should consume short time space to communicate with consultant.

It must be a two-way channel to collaborate so that accurate findings are gotten about subject matter.

  • Informed the Requisite Stakeholders

Despite it is also collaboration with stakeholders; but it is a one-way channel of communication where instructions or controls are given by consultant to start other process or guidelines how to run the same process in flow and efficient functioning.

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