A project dashboard is a platform to summaries and collect data and present it one singular place. If you are managing a project you must give a thought to use a project management dashboard. I assure you that you will not regret it as this is the most effective way of handling and analyzing your project related data at a singular place at a time.

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In this article we will shed some light on what a project management KPI Template dashboard and what is its significance in the field of project management.

  1. Variety of KPI Template with Dashboard
  2. MS Excel format based with PPT slides
  3. Multiple company department KPI for different project managers
  4. Mac Supported XLX files

What are the different categories of KPI project management dashboard?

Ultimate KPI Template Excel (Features)

A KPI project management dashboard allows the project manager to be at the top of the game.  As it allows the mangers to see the most aspect of the project in a glace at a time in single place. That is the reason KPI project management dashboard is widely used tool and is very popular and know to be most reliable in the project management industry.


This tool maximizes the performance of your project to many folds. It also has an amazing option to show the data in graphical form to make in analyze more easily and straightforwardly. The KPI project management dashboard is easy, user friendly and quite informal to work with, you do not need any extra training to handle this tool.

The KPI project management dashboard is available in quite different formats but the most frequently used and popular one is the excel format.

Benefits of KPI Template

The benefits list of KPI project management dashboards is endless but here we will highlight the most important of them. Firstly, the most initial advantage is that it is an accurate and most suitable way of measuring and analyzing business performance.

Secondly, it is a way to pinpoint and find out any issues or probable errors which can be quite problematic in future. After that it allows you to help in making fruitful and on time decisions for the betterment of your project progress and development.

It allows you to work with most important and relevant data to work with. By this tool you can set goals and make strategies and plans to make them achievable proficiently. The KPI Dashboard also helps you to make batter and imperative steps towards the betterment of your projectConsequently, it is significant that the project executives should give a high rank importance to this tool when managing a project to make your project goals easily attainable.


As we have discussed that KPI dashboards play a very important role in the betterment of the project now let us discuss some of its categories.

Construction KPI template excel

It is never an easy task to manage and handle a construction project. As in a construction project there are so many factors we must keep a dare eye on. For, instance the construction includes the management of money and resources which can go out of control very easily when they are not handled properly. There is required a high-quality management and care to manage a construction a project

In this regard professional construction mangers always go for helpful tools to handle the project. The most frequently used tool in the field of construction is Construction KPI template excel and main KPI’s of this template are


  1. Expanse

Expanse is one of the main KPI of construction project. It can be measure in following further KPI’s.

  • cost of procurement
  • cost of labor
  • cost of marketing,
  • cost per km/mil

You can calculate these KPI’s in measures like actual vs budgeted and can compare it with previous year.

  1. Productivity

Productivity is also very important KPI for any construction project and can be measure in following KPI’s

  • Wastage or recycling job
  • Percentage of equipment down time
  • Percentage of labor down time
  • Average revenue per hour worked

Productivity can be measure on monthly and cumulative basis

  1. Inventory

This is also very important KPI to keep track on any construction project

  • Site inspection conducted
  • Material defect
  • Design defect
  • Defect due to workmanship

 Sales KPI Template

The Sales KPI Dashboard is a tool used by the project manages to see the sales activity in the project. You can also evaluate the quality and quantity of sales work by using this amazing sales management template.

This is helpful in maximizing the performance and make aids in making changes for the betterment of sales. Therefore, it also provides the clear picture of the sales data to help you see the performance and allows you to see where you stand in the sales market.

Having a proper tool makes a difference and allows you to give batter results specially in sales industry. There is a lot of competition in the sales market, so in this situation to make your business stand out the best option is to use a proper tool to help you attain your goal.

With the help of sales KPI dashboard you can give tough time to your competitors and make you and your project stand out in the sales industry. Following are the main KPI’s of sales KPI Dashboard

  1. Sales revenue
  2. Targeted vs actual sales
  3. Demographic sales
  4. Top sales persons
  5. Top sale areas

 Employee Performance KPI Template Excel

Managing employee’s performance and find honest and hardworking team is one of key goal of any company. These are the main KPI’s to measure employee performance

  1. Attitude towards work
  2. Work outcome percentage
  3. Self-improvement
  4. Percentage contribution

Production KPI Dashboard Excel Template

In case of production of manufacturing KPI dashboard, you must keep in eye these requirements. Every production project KPI is different, based on project demand. Following are some basic or standards production KPI based template.

  1. Active Inventory Unit
  2. Sales Revenue
  3. Total Production Unit

For custom production KPI, you can request

Maintenance KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Make sure during creating maintenance KPI following are some standard dashboard KPI for Addition in template of excel.

  1. Work order Released
  2. Schedule Vs completed work
  3. Work completion
  4. Work Monitor
  5. Released Word Order
  6. Assets with most work order
  7. Past Due operations

Procurement KPI Template

Procurement is a part of HR, so if you are looking procurement KPI dashboard, then you have to contact us. We have some special sort of Procurement KPI, so request us for download.


KPI Project Management Dashboard has been known and is popular for their considerably high impact and good contribution in the field of project managing.

Thus, it is crucial that you must give it a go when you plan on managing and executing a project. You will surely see a different and will be able to get batter results in the end.

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